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Check this out! A special thank you to our patients for their referrals!

As a patient of Family Dental Center, we appreciate you!  For every new patient you refer to our office by December 17th, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a  $100 HyVee gift card (giving away 2) or a $300 Amazon gift card (only giving away 1) !! *Drawing ends December 17th, new patients must be seen prior to that date Submitted by Lynn, Clinic Manager          ...


First Stage Tooth Decay

Most people know that a cavity is a hole in the tooth. A cavity does not happen over night, as it takes time to develop. If the start of a cavity is caught and treated early enough, the tooth may be able to repair itself. Over the counter toothpastes containing the minerals calcium, phosphate and fluoride can help strengthen this area. The dentist may recommend prescription-strength fluoride varnish and or dental sealants to help keep your teeth healthy. Limiting between meal snacking and ...


Our doctors are here for you at Family Dental Center!!

Family Dental Center is thrilled to have Dr. Brienne Lineweber, Dr. Lee Gertsen, and Dr. Suga at our office! They are dedicated to providing the continuation of the excellent dental care that has been established at Family Dental Center.  Creating a lasting relationship is their utmost importance and they are here for you and your dental needs.  Thank you for being a part of Family Dental Center and the continuation of our dental family! Submitted by Melanie, Business Assistant  ...