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Happy Dental Hygienist Month!

  Here at Family Dental Center, we are proud of our hygienists!  Our hygienists truly care about our patients and make sure patients are well-educated on proper oral hygiene.  Therefore, we just want to acknowledge their hard work, and say THANK YOU for all of your contributions to Family Dental Center and our patients.  We are so glad you are part of our team!!   Submitted by Lynn, Clinic Manager  ...


Fun brushing idea for children!

Looking for some fresh new motivation for your kids to brush their teeth? Check out this new video Dr. Lineweber found to help!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxMrtK-kYnE Family Dental Center is the best childrens dentist in Sioux Falls, schedule an appointment today to find out why!   Submitted by Dr. Lineweber...


Our doctors are here for you at Family Dental Center!!

Family Dental Center is thrilled to have Dr. Brienne Lineweber, Dr. Lee Gertsen, and Dr. Suga at our office! They are dedicated to providing the continuation of the excellent dental care that has been established at Family Dental Center.  Creating a lasting relationship is their utmost importance and they are here for you and your dental needs.  Thank you for being a part of Family Dental Center and the continuation of our dental family! Submitted by Melanie, Business Assistant  ...


Fun Facts About Teeth

Did you know that your teeth were intended to last a lifetime? Here are some fun facts about teeth that you might find interesting. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, 50 percent of people say that a smile is the first feature they notice about someone. Read on if you have ever wondered how many teeth you should have and what teeth are made out of. Fun facts about teeth #1- How many teeth does an average person have? An average person has 32 teeth. That number includes 4 wisdo...