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Healthy Smiles in 2018!

By now, you have packed away the tinsel, eaten your last holiday treat and are beginning to look towards 2018 with eager anticipation of what’s next? What goals are you setting for your year? Lose 10 lbs? Learn a language? Dive into that home improvement list? Spend more time with family?

What about working towards a healthier smile? Sometimes resolutions are tough to stick with because they seem so daunting. So unachievable. Did you know, by simply adding small steps to your daily routine, you can easily improve your oral health? A healthy mouth can have a positive impact on your overall well-being, your physical health and it can even give your pocketbook a little boost!

To help you achieve a healthier smile, we’ve put together a list of healthy smile resolutions that are simple, but can make a big difference. Even if you can make just one of these changes in the new year, you will be well on your way to healthier living and brighter smiles!

1. Floss more.
This resolution will depend on your current flossing habits. Are you a daily flosser? If so, good for you! Consider this resolution accomplished. If not, what better time to start than now? Whether your current practice is weekly or never, increasing your frequency will help to enhance your oral health. Try doubling the number of times you floss every week – that’s progress!

2. Make healthier drink choices.
This isn’t new information, but definitely worth the reminder. Sugary drinks are no good for your chompers. Limiting the number of sugary drinks you consume is a simple step to reducing your risk for tooth decay.

3. Make an appointment to see your dentist.
Professional dental check-ups are key to long-term oral health. Regular cleanings will take care of plaque build-up and help to prevent oral diseases from developing. This is also where your pocketbook will feel the boost. Regular check-ups can help to lessen the need for expensive restorative dental work that can result from poor oral health. (If you’re looking for a dentist in Sioux Falls, we are here to take good care of you and your family!)

4. Make healthy smile food choices.
Foods higher in fiber, such as raw vegetables, are a great way to naturally flush your mouth. These foods help to increase saliva production allowing your mouth to clean itself as you indulge! Foods high in calcium and protein are also great choices for oral health. Next time you are looking for a quick snack, grab a cheese stick or a few carrots to munch on instead of a sugary morsel.

5. Quit using tobacco.
Whether you smoke or use chewing tobacco, there is never a better time to quit than now. Tobacco not only stains teeth, it causes bad breath and can lead to serious oral health problems such as periodontal disease and oral cancer. There are tons of resources available to provide support and tools to help you get started. Check out these free and helpful tools to get you off on the right foot.