The best thing about Dr. Pat and the staff is that everything is done pain-free. They are all so kind and understanding. Complete panic would describe how I felt when I first started going to Family Dental Center. Growing up many years ago in a small town with one dentist led to my extreme fear of any dentist. When I first started with Dr. Pat, I needed Valium, gas, and the television on high, my eyes squeezed shut tightly, I didn’t want to hear anything they said. Unlike the dentist I grew up with, Dr. Pat was kind and understanding from the beginning. He, Sonja, and the other staff have worked with me over approximately 25 years. Very gradually I have been able to get over my fears, there really is no need to be afraid of the dentist these days. Most recently Dr. Pat had me fitted with a dental guard due to clenching and grinding my teeth at night. I had such severe headaches that my medical doctor ordered a CAT scan of my brain. I no longer wake up with my head ready to explode since the guard!!